Weight Management Services

  • Weight loss, gain, maintenance: Personalized support for achieving and maintaining your weight goals with a focus on long-term success.
  • Pre- & post-bariatric procedure support: Specialized assistance for those considering or recovering from bariatric procedures, ensuring optimal nutrition and well-being.

Health Condition Management

  • High or low blood pressure: Tailored guidance to manage blood pressure through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.
  • High cholesterol: Strategies to address and control high cholesterol levels for better heart health.
  • Blood glucose regulation: Personalized plans to regulate blood glucose levels are crucial for overall health.
  • Digestive health: Holistic support for digestive issues, promoting a healthier gut through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Women’s Health Services

  • Fertility & pregnancy nutrition: Nutrition plans to support fertility and healthy pregnancy, ensuring optimal well-being for both mother and baby.
  • Gestational diabetes management: Personalized strategies to manage gestational diabetes, promoting a healthy pregnancy.
  • PCOS management: Tailored nutrition plans to manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and support overall women's health.

Additional Services

  • Parent consultation for picky eaters: Expert advice for parents dealing with picky eaters, fostering healthier eating habits in children.
  • Emotional/stress eating support: Guidance and strategies to address emotional and stress-related eating, promoting a healthier relationship with food.
  • Grocery store tour and pantry make-over: Practical assistance to make informed food choices during grocery shopping and create a well-balanced, health-focused pantry.
  • Meal prep, plan for success: Learn effective meal prep strategies tailored to your preferences and nutritional needs for a successful and sustainable approach to healthy eating.

Take the first step toward a healthier you! Explore the personalized services and packages designed to meet your unique needs.

Let's create a plan for lasting well-being together.



Embark on your health journey with a thorough review of your health and diet history. Together, we'll set achievable health goals, and I'll provide personalized guidance and recommendations to kick-start your transformation.



Track your progress with regular follow-ups. We'll review your health goals, food log, and tracked data. I'll offer ongoing guidance, set new health goals, and ensure you stay on the path to success.


Starters Package

Dive into comprehensive care with 1 Initial Consultation and 2 bi-weekly follow-up visits. Enjoy unlimited email/messaging support to address your concerns and keep you motivated between sessions.


3-month Package

Commit to your well-being with 1 Initial Consultation and 5 bi-weekly follow-up visits. Benefit from continuous support through unlimited email/messaging, ensuring a transformative journey over the next three months.


Add-On Services

Personalized meal plan: Receive a custom-tailored meal plan based on your preferences and nutritional needs for effective and enjoyable eating.

Virtual pantry makeover: Transform your pantry with expert guidance, ensuring it aligns with your health goals and supports your well-being.

In-person grocery store tour: Gain hands-on knowledge and make informed choices during a guided tour, optimizing your grocery shopping for healthier options.